Our niche is with small business computer solutions. Think of us as your own IT department. Yes, small business clients can have the same computer solutions available to them as large business. Here are just some of the information technology services we provide:

  • Managed Services – We can do everything from monitoring your computer systems 24/7 to providing a help desk that you can call any time to troubleshoot computer issues.
  • Remote Backup – Like many other computer service companies we can help you backup your data locally but that is not enough. We provide computer backup services where we can back up the system remotely as well. This gives you the peace of mind that in the event of a disaster your data is safe.
  • Cloud Computing – in today’s IT environment small businesses do not have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase servers and other equipment to reside in your office. We can offer a solution where your business can have a server in the “cloud” where your employees can access data from anywhere or even work from home. Think of it as instead of a capital expense you dread every few years to a small monthly bill you pay like your phone bill. This makes it much easier to budget.
  • Break/Fix Computer Repair – Many of my competitors provide just managed services or just cloud computing, etc. We still offer what I call break/fix computer repair and troubleshooting onsite at your location. We can have a tech out the same day you are experiencing computer problems. This could be virus and malware removal, computer network problems, computer hardware troubleshooting, etc. Our clients love our technicians and appreciate their skills in these areas.

For Computer Services Call: (904) 296-9212