Your Computer Backup Plan, 1

Does Your Business Have a “Plan B”

Today we will look at the importance of backing up your business’ data. This may seem like an elementary discussion to some. Why would you not have a plan to back up something so valuable? The answer is that you may be surprised how many companies I see without a backup plan.

I was working in an office just last week where the owner had a hard drive fail a few months earlier. They did not have a backup of important information like, QuickBooks, proposals, payroll, etc. They had to send the hard drive out to have the data recovered and the cost was almost a thousand dollars. When I fixed their computer I setup a backup and recommended that they also do a remote backup as well. When I went out there last week the external hard drive they should have been backing up to was sitting on another desk and they were not backing up their files at all. I can’t imagine why after having a disaster like the previous one they would not want to be doing at least daily backups.

The Importance of Starting Now

Think about it. You use your computer every day and there is everything from email, spreadsheets and proposals, to the company database stored on your local computer or the server. Could you open your doors and run your business tomorrow if that data was lost today? After the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 nearly 18,000 businesses in New York were dislocated, disrupted or destroyed (Congressional Research Service/Library of Congress, 2002, 5). Several of these businesses did not have a backup plan and they were forced to go out of business. It does not have to be a terrorist attack. These crises are usually caused by more common reasons. In our next blog we will talk about some of these.

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